The PACE Workout Program

What Is PACE?

Quit killing yourself at the gym!


There’s a better way. And it’s called PACE.

The PACE workout pushes you to your limit, then lets you rest and recover. You can cut down on your total time at the gym and change the way your body works, all with a few minutes a few times a week.

Here’s how:

When humans were spread around the African savanna, hunting and foraging to survive, there was never a time when we would need to run at a moderate pace for a long time. Instead, we chased our prey as fast as possible for a couple minutes at most, then sat down and enjoyed our meal. Either that, or ran as fast as possible to get away from something trying to eat us :-) .

When you do short bursts of intense exertion followed by recovery you get a different body type than extended exertion. Here are a couple extreme examples:

Comparison between PACE body and Cardio body

Extended cardio athletes like marathoners get:

  • Small, shrunken frame
  • Sunken chest
  • Small muscles


Our Olympic sprinter and PACE-certified trainer, have strong, healthy bodies built by a PACE-like workouts with:

  • Big, well-developed muscles
  • Strong frame
  • Large, oxygen-pumping lungs


So which body type looks healthier?

Train Your Body To Burn Fat at Rest

Now some of you might be thinking, “My trainer said never to get my heart rate above X because I’ll be burning muscle!”.

This may sound crazy, but you actually want to burn muscle. And I’ll tell you why.

When you get your heart rate up as high as possible, your body switches to burning muscle to supply you with the energy to keep going. BUT after you burn muscle with a PACE workout your body will actually use fat reserves to rebuild the muscle it just lost to adapt for the next time. With extended, moderate endurance cardio you’re burning fat, yes, but afterwards your body says “Hey, where’d all that fat go? I’d better get ready in case that happens again.” and actually replaces the fat you burned in your workout while you’re recovering.

Traditional workout methodology forgets that your body is a living, breathing organism. It reacts to stimuli to keep you ready to survive! It’s not a simple case of calories in, calories burned. Your body responds, reacts, and reinvents itself to accommodate its surroundings.

Isn’t it easier to burn fat after your workout? I certainly think so!

So that’s the gist. Instead of killing yourself on the elliptical or the treadmill, try busting your butt, then recover. When you catch your breath, go again. It’s as simple as that.

The blog is full of sample PACE workouts, complete with reviews and recommendations to get you started. Watch out for a two-week starter guide, coming soon.

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